MGD Productions, in association with GRAM (Research Group in Media Arts, Université du Québec à Montréal, UQAM) present a CD Rom on Art holography called:ART HOLOGRAPHY: THE REAL VIRTUAL 3D IMAGES

A unique document in the history of holography, this first interactive encyclopedia is exclusively devoted to Holographic Art and the internationally reknowned artists who took over the scientific technique to express themselves in their own original creative ways.

This fabulously illustrated digital document contains hundreds of still images and tens of videos that reveal how nearly one hundred artists have used holography as their privileged tool. These bold, imaginative artists are the pioneers who have accomplished a remarkable breakthrough in the art milieu by introducing new dimensions of light and space.

This CD Rom also contains a whole section of useful bibliography and references.
Moreover, it has been designed as a teaching tool for Colleges and Universities.
Clear and not overly technical, it facilitates the transmission of information about this new magical technology.

« This is a tremendous document on Art Holography…»
Matthias Lauk, International Holography Collector, Cologne, Germany

« A stunning digital resource for creative holography - outstanding content...»
Dr. Andrew Pepper, Founding editor, The Creative Holography Index, Nottingham, UK.